26 10 2009

Fly Fish Chick and the Bones of Exuma

By bonefishbjorn

Now, that sounds a little bit like a porn title (although the most porn-like sounding bonefish related item would go to Florida bonefishing guide Captain Ann Houlahan and her website www.boneranger.com).  Fly Fish Chick has a great little vid/story about her Exuma trip from April, 2009.

The Fly Fish Chick has a blog full of fishing tales (tails) from all sorts of places you’d like to go to catch fish.  Worth a look.

Fly Fish Chick with an Exuma BoneFly Fish Chick with an Exuma Bone

As for Exuma, that’s one of those “Out Islands” in the Bahamas that looks more beautiful that is reasonable.  It appeared as though the Island was served by Air Sunshine direct from Ft. Lauderdale, but their website says this service no longer available. (See note at end of story)  Unclear if this is temporary, or until the end of time.  The bummer about this is it would mean burning a day of travel in  Nassau, a place I have not been and don’t want to go.  From there you can puddle jump to Exuma.

The Florida Sportsman website offered this fantastic account of bonefishing Exuma written by Mike Conner.  This is worth a read.

Exuma Bone from the Florida SportsmanExuma Bone from the Florida Sportsman

Coral Gardens got a mention as a good base for DIY anglers and the $99 a night is a pretty standard budget rate these days.

If you are thinking more “lodge” as opposed to DIY, I’ve heard many times about Peace and Plenty and their rates seem in the ball-park and far from the most expensive I’ve seen.

Yes, I’d like to go there… for the bones, for the beauty.  Sign me up.

You can fly direct to Exuma from Florida. From Fort Lauderdale by Continental Airlines (thro Gulfstream Airways) or from Miami with American Airlines




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