Sandals Resort are Hiring

4 11 2009

sandals_poolThe announcement that Sandals at Emerald Bay was hiring sparked an overwhelming amount of interest not just

from Exumians but also residents from other islands. In anticipation of obtaining a job at the resort, which is set to open in the next two and a half months, scores of persons turned out for the series of job fairs the resort recently hosted.

Mail boat officials reported an increase in their weekly passenger traffic and so did the domestic airlines, all with

persons destined for the Sandals at Emerald Bay job fair. Job seekers reportedly took the chance to get an interview on the island, as there were no other job fairs scheduled for the resort.

Last month the resort posted positions to be filled in the dailies such as general manager, hotel manager, operations manager, food and beverage directors, chef, project manager, information system manager, water sports manager, financial controller, cost controllers, income auditor, chief of security, sales manager, chief engineer, entertainment director, executive housekeeper, laundry manager, sous chef, and accountants, among other positions.

The recent interviews were done by international group directors from Sandals. According to one applicant, the interviewing process was very professional and private. “They were grading you on everything they asked and it was on a 1 to 10 scale,” the applicant said. “I feel confident about the position that I applied for.” Another applicant who travelled from Grand Bahama for the interview told THE EXUMA BREEZE that he had heard about the job fair through reading the dailies. After not working for nearly six months he decided to give Sandals a try. If he is hired, he said he would have to make one trip home to relocate to Exuma. “My fingers are crossed in hopes of this job,” he said. “I have worked in the hotel industry before so I do come with some experience.”

Sandals and Beaches Resort Group International Public Relations Manager Stephen Hector said that successful candidates will be required to start work at the end of December in order to undergo the highly-acclaimed Sandals training program ahead of January’s opening. Mr. Hector noted that the job interest is high in Exuma.

“The more people we speak to the better because obviously we want the absolute best people to come down and join the team here,” he said. “What we are putting on in Exuma is really a relatively unique product for us.”

While employment at the resort will start at the end of December, Mr. Hector said that staff will receive ‘soft skills’ training and technical training specifically for the department in which they are placed.

He added that training, which will begin in December, will continue up to the resort’s opening day in January.

Also, employees will participate in 120 hours of training every year and can expand professional training through a diploma or doctorate degree in a related trade, he said.

According to Mr. Hector the company has pumped some $13 million in the new  property’s upgrade.

Changes at the property will include the installation of an acre-sized energy pool, which will have the largest jacuzzi in the Caribbean, seating up to 40 people, he said.

Additions to the property will also include more restaurants, an English pub, a pizzeria and other shops.

Currently there are nearly 190 Bahamians employed on the construction site at Sandals. Sandals Emerald Bay is set to open ‘The Marina at Emerald Bay’ on November 10, 2009. …. from The Exuma Breeze newspaper




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